This workshop will focus on the climatological change effects on agriculture and MIP.  It will be held from July 15 to 17 of the present year..  The first two days will be at the Hotel Intercontinental, it will include conferences and important and innovative presentations (master conferences, presentations of studies and technology transference in the mesoamerican región and other countries, presentation of posters by professionals, students and technicians in the agricultural and forestry areas.  Also there will be stands for promoting products and research..  On the third day a trip to Casillas in the Department of Santa Rosa will be held.  It will be to CCIPPP (Capacitacion, innovation and production center Popoyán-Priva).  In this Capacitation Center, you will directly observe the application of new research through the validation of MIP programs, you can visit a successful IPM program implemented in a commercial plantation with exportation goals.  You can visit a validation center for MIP (use of beneficial arthropods, ethological strategies and entomopathogenic fungi) and can participate in MIP practices in a MIP field (  The closing event will be the presentation of a certificate of participation to each registered person.

Magister conferences in plenary sessions will be held each day at the beginning of the program and then the audience can choose among the four halls, each with a different theme (Effects of climatological changes on agriculture and MIP, sustainable MIP: successful examples, food safety, MIP innovations).  In each hall, a magister conference will be held, then presentation of research works by researchers, students or technicians in the area.  Also, a poster session will be held presenting research results or technological transferences friendly to the environment.